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Everything you need to get started with customising a PC that’s built just for you! Whether you're looking to move from gaming consoles or speed up your workflow, AFTERSHOCK ORIGINALS has everything you need to truly experience the AFTERSHOCK PC difference.
The E-Sport Battlestation
Premium Mesh Front Panel
High Airflow Performance
AAA Gaming Ready
[M-ATX] 365 x 216 x 405 mm [L x W x H]

Showcase Chassis
Modern Tempered Glass Design
RGB Showcase
Upgrade-Friendly Design
From 415 x 280 x 377 mm [L x W x H]

Built for display
Each PC in this collection features tempered glass panels that offer a stunning view of its internal components. The tempered glass panels not only provide a visually striking display but also allow enthusiasts to customise and personalise their builds with RGB lighting and intricate cable management.
Distinctive Curved Glass Panel
Optimal Airflow
One-of-a-Kind Centerpiece
[M-ATX] 461 x 237 x 420.9 mm [L x W x H]

Full Glass Showcase
Columnless 3 Sided Glass Design
Open-Loop Watercooling Options
Uncompromising Performance
From 465 x 285 x 459 mm [L x W x H]

Edgeless Dual Glass Design
Open-Loop Watercooling Options
NZXT Ecosystem
[ATX] 466 x 290 x 495mm [L x W x H]

RGB Glass Showcase
Columnless Glass Design
Open-Loop Watercooling Options
Uncompromising Performance
[ATX] Normal and XL Sizes

Showcase Panorama
Panoramic Tempered Glass
Open-Loop Watercooling Options
Angular Hardware Showcase
[ATX] 456 x 285 x 462 mm [L x W x H]

Art Meets Technology
Intergrated Distro Plate
Open-Air Design
Open-Looped Work of Art
[ATX] 535 x 485 x 373 mm [L x W x H]

Maximum Performance
Designed to keep components cool and maximise performance, each Gaming PC features strategically placed vents, perforations, and airflow channels. The chassis are crafted with airflow in mind, promoting efficient cooling and preventing overheating during intense usage. These Gaming PCs ensure optimal airflow to maintain peak performance and longevity of components.
High Airflow Metal Mesh Panel
NZXT Ecosystem
Striking Aesthetic and Quality
[ATX] 464 x 227 x 446 mm [L x W x H]

Angled Mesh Corner Panel
NZXT Ecosystem
Solidly Built Geometric Desktop
[ATX] 415 x 287 x 435 mm [L x W x H]

NZXT Extreme PC
Next Gen Vent-Hole Patterned Mesh
NZXT Ecosystem
Performance Focused Minimal Design
[ATX] 480 x 230 x 505 mm [L x W x H]

Airflow-Optimized Steel Front Panel
CORSAIR iCUE Ecosystem
Powerful Directed Airflow
[ATX] 520 x 245 x 520 mm [L x W x H]

Airflow Endgame
Maximum Airflow Silent Fans
Nylon Dust Filter
All Airflow No Compromises
[ATX] 544 x 242 x 530 mm [L x W x H]

Work of Art
The pinnacle of the Aftershock Custom PC Experience - get yourself a PC that will transform your desk. With visionary design and earth-shattering performance, our Signature class is everything you could ever want. Push the boundaries of what's possible and don't hold back.
Full Pink Build
Premium Pink Steel Panels
Minimalistic Design
Standout Gaming Streamer Setup
Small Frame Chassis
[M-ATX] 400 x 225 x 431 mm [L x W x H]

Brushed-Aluminum With Wooden Accents
Convenient Maitenance
Award-Winning Natural Design
From 447 x 215 x 469 mm [L x W x H]

Art Meets Technology
Intergrated Distro Plate
Open-Air Design
Open-Looped Work of Art
[ATX] 535 x 485 x 373 mm [L x W x H]

Pint Size Powerhouse
Small form factor PCs with no compromise. Free up more desk space and create a cleaner and more beautiful setup with pint sized builds that pack full sized graphics cards and cutting edge PC components. Our small form factor PCs are crafted with both bleeding edge performance and cooling that will put larger full sized PCs to shame.
Compact Powerhouse
High-Performance Mesh Panels
Full-Sized Air Cooling
Powerful Small Form Factor
[ITX] 336 × 200 × 283.5mm [L x W x H]

Crafted to Elevate
Anodized Aluminum with Walnut Accents
Easily Accessible
Elegantly Small Form Factor
[ITX] 343 x 153 x 218 mm [L x W x H)]

Breathable Fabric and Neutral Colors
Modern Design
Minimal Small Form Factor
[ITX] 212 x 212 x 453 mm [L x W x H]


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