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ULTRA-LABS Ultra Bespoke PC Customisation Service

Ever wanted to create a themed or unique PC unlike any other? Our ULTRA-LABS team will work with you to create a build that can truly be unique and special. With 3D printing, laser/UV printing, custom fabrication and more - the sky is the limit!

STEP 01: Consultation

Schedule a consultation and tell us about your Dream Super-Customised PC, and our team of experts will advise you on the ideal chassis and specifications to create the perfect design for your PC!

STEP 02: Proposal

After a thorough consultation, we’ll tailor the PC to your specifications and offer a price quote for your consideration.

STEP 03: Build

Once you’ve confirmed everything, we craft the PC you’ve always imagined.

STEP 04: Deliver

The PC of your Dreams, now in your hands.


If you have a PC dream that you want to see brought to life, get in touch with our expert team straight away and we can begin the process of turning your dream into a reality.


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