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Get A PC Faster Than Next-Day Groceries With Aftershock PC

“At AFTERSHOCK PC , we’re very stringent with our quality control,” company co-founder Joe Wee stresses. “Every system is built, tested and checked before being wrapped for shipping, so we never skip any steps; from start to finish, the whole process has to be done properly.”

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Best Gaming Desktop PC Brand & Best Gaming Notebook Brand

Aftershock wins two titles this year: Best Gaming Desktop PC Brand 2022 & Best Gaming Notebook Brand 2022

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Aftershock Opens New Showroom ‘Endgame’ In Bendemeer

"Aptly nicknamed Aftershock Endgame, the upgraded HQ of the local gaming PC brand spans 7,000 sq ft and is designed to guide prospective PC owners to experience the full breadth of the PC ecosystem."


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