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the aftershock difference

premium care.

Aftershock PC offers free thermal repasting and cleaning for all systems - both laptops and desktops. This service ensures that your systems always operate at maximum thermal efficiency and at optimal performance even under the heaviest loads.

Extreme Build quality.

Every Performance PC and Laptop that goes through Aftershock PC’s assembly line is carefully hand assembled and triple-tested by a dedicated team of enthusiasts, ensuring that you get world class cable management, build quality and quality assurance everytime.

Superior warranty

Aftershock PC’s Epic warranty ensures that we have you covered in just about every area. For Desktops, we replace any failed parts 1 for 1 during the warranty period*, and keep ample stock to ensure unbeatable turnaround times compared to weeks for most competitors.

*terms & conditions apply


Our gaming desktops deliver the latest and greatest in PC technology, hand crafted to your exact specifications for the highest possible performance. Customize and create your dream rig in both configuration and design.

Performance Desktops

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Select from our award winning gaming and high performance notebook range. With bleeding edge next generation hardware and a full suite of gaming features, our notebooks can be customized to your exact needs.

Performance NoteBooks

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Our Passion

At AFTERSHOCK PC, our goal is to redefine the very concept of Mobile Gaming, by offering a true custom boutique PC experience. Every PC we build is hand crafted and customized to your exact needs, delivering the computing experienced Combined with our utmost dedication to customer service, we will take your computing experience to the next level.


“Looking at its rivals, the Aftershock S-15 is clearly a viable option if you're planning to get a decent gaming system without breaking the bank. Plus, its customizability allows players with deeper pockets to equip their notebooks with even more powerful components...”

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