Our story

how we started

Aftershock PC was founded in 2012 by a team of hardware enthusiasts, competitive gamers and IT professionals. In the many years since our founding, our team of master craftsmen has time and time again proven that we are able to deliver the ultimate boutique pc experience through a combination of craftsmanship, no compromise service and value.



Every Aftershock PC machine is carefully hand-assembled and rigorously tested for peak performance. Our craftsmen’s passion is reflected in every machine we build, honed through thousands of hours of accumulated experience working with the most advanced hardware on the planet.

Explore the widest selection of custom pcs

Aftershock Endgame Experiential Centre

Aftershock Endgame is an experiential centre unlike any other. Learn and experience the perfect PC fit for your needs in a unique one-stop destination that shows how every element of your setup interacts together.
Aftershock Service Centre
Centrally located and easily accessible, the Aftershock Service Centre spans 8000 sqft and represents one of Singapore’s largest PC support centres. The facility underlines our dedication to delivering seamless after-sales support, housing our dedicated team of engineers, live chat staff and more.
Aftershock Forge
The Aftershock Forge is a state-of-the-art Custom PC production facility built to support our master builders and artisans. Equipped with cutting edge machinery and testing equipment, this space is designed for our craftsmen to explore and break the boundaries of PC performance and aesthetics - from laser etching to CNC machining and beyond.