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Looking at its rivals, the Aftershock S-15 is clearly a viable option if you're planning to get a decent gaming system without breaking the bank. Plus, its customizability allows players with deeper pockets to equip their notebooks with even more powerful components. No matter how you look at it, the Aftershock S-15 offers great value amongst all other 15-inch gaming notebooks.....
- Singapore Hardware Zone
Good value, custom options and top-class performance are our reasons for giving the Aftershock S-17 the prize for the best gaming laptop.......
- Asia One digital
Aftershock PC Launches NVIDIA Pascal Notebooks All Geeks Will WANT....
This is the world's most powerful and customizable 11.6 inch notebook, period. And oh, its pretty affordable so you don't have to take a mortgage on your house too. ....
I’d happily recommend this machine to folks looking for a gaming notebook. The most important features are there, and if you don’t like the config offered by the Aftershock PC folks, you can customize based on your budget as well.....
- TechGoondu
The Aftershock Ultracore gaming PC is not just cool-looking - it also runs cool, thanks to a custom cooling system that replaces noisy fans with water-cooling pipes. •Verdict: A gaming PC that looks stunning and runs like a champ.....
- Straits Times Digital

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“Team Faceless is a Dota 2 team. Team Faceless began amidst the rumors that iceiceice was planning to return to Singapore during the post-International roster shuffles. The team formally announced its roster on September 3rd”
- iceiceice


Saw the HWZ thread today... Went on their website and check .. talk to marcus online ... went down to the shop just now and place a deposite for a XM17... DONE in less then 3 hours I was amaze by these bros... the built and service quality is excellent!! It is indeed customizable, they tell u the price point, what to get and what not worth it to get and make money spend to the minimal... I had a great experience there, they are very nice and knowledgable.. no hard selling.. flexible rules and upgrades, All the upgrades can be done at the same cost even after the laptop are built and use for example u can upgrade to their 90% gamut screen after using it for a few months and the cost will still be the same as though u have selected them during the configuration!! They also do yearly maintainence like changing thermal paste, cleaning of fans, optimising the clock speed for games etc..... Thumbs thumbs up..... I think my XM17 is being built at this very moment... and only can be collect after they do a 48 hours system loading test...

- Eugene Sng

Thanks Aftershock ! I am friggin loving my X15 ,cant wait to try with black ops 2 later on

- Peou Richard Kovit

Got my x11 today and i'm loving it so far - props to the guys at aftershock pc! (:

- Timothy

Hi! Went down to the shop today to purchase gaming laptop for my brother. Had the best experience ever in my life while purchasing the laptop from aftershock!! Even my parents were impressed with the service Marcus provided! Good Job Aftershock! No doubt will be a returning customer!

- Faliq

Have been using my x11 for a few days now. Gotta say I'm absolutely satisfied with the notebook, as well as the remarkable service experience from the Aftershock team!! Thumbs up!

- Eugene

Purchased an Aftershock laptop and firstly, the staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful. Answered to all my questions and offer me some opinions about building a custom laptop. First they told me that it would take probably 1 to 2 weeks to collect my laptop.. but VOILA! they called me up on the 4th day knowing that i wanted the laptop badly so they finished it up ASAP. I am super impressed and happy with the service they provide.

- eddie ong

I have purchase a Pc from them a week ago and the feeling was awesome. They assist me in the setting up of the monitor and my complicated samsung soundbar before i took it home. The service provided was great as they provide clear guidance through the process. System was running smooth and the graphics was awesome. side note, I7 processor, Geforece 980 and that latest SSD version 2 are MUST HAVE. if can, add that 27 inch monitor... Just wanna stay home now to play my games and watch movie... cheers.

- Cal Loh

Bought a aftershock tremor from them. On the phone, marcus did put in effort to explain every single fact and part to me helping me get my best choice as i am very particular about the facts. The guys from modbot are doing a great job litening to my need of how i wanted to customize my desktop. Great service cant wait to receive my product!!

- Glenn Theliverpoolfan Chow

Great service! Very accomodating although i keep changing my mind. Awesome gaming laptops at the right price. Keep up the awesome work!

- Alex Tan

Fantastic Service. Price is competitive considering its customizability. Don't really usually recommend stuff but Aftershock is definitely a must buy

- Alex Foo