There is no better time to build your perfect custom PC or laptop with our insane SHOCKTOBER promotions!

For Desktops:
- Free Upgrade to 3600mhz Memory at non RGB memory prices
- Free Upgrade to Samsung GEN4 SSDs on all custom desktops (6900mb/s!) (Select a B550, X570, B560 or Z590 motherboard to enjoy this!)
- Free Thermal compound upgrade - Cash Discounts on select RTX 30 series graphics cards
- Special discounts on all 1tb and 2tb GEN4 SSD options
- Free FSP 800W 80+ bronze PSU on select desktop models

For laptops:
- Launch special : 50 SGD Cash discount on the new REVO 16R laptop!
- Cash discounts on all select custom laptops!
- Free thermal compound upgrades for all laptops
- Free color calibration upgrades for all laptops

Free Battlefield 2042 game when building a system with a ZOTAC, GIGABYTE our ASUS RTX 3070,3070TI,3080, 3080TI or 3090 Graphics card! (Desktops Only)

Free Far Cry 6 and Resident Evil Village games when configuring a PC with an AMD Ryzen 5 or 7 Processor paired with AMD RX 6000 series graphics cards.



Enjoy Complete Peace of mind with AFTERSHOCK's renowned aftersales warranty package. We cover all parts failure with an unbeatable 1 for 1 part exchange policy for failed parts during the warranty period, ensuring that you have minimum downtime. Our warranty package also includes maintaince and cleaning (carry-in) for all desktops, to ensure your system is performing as you would expect. Best of all, we offer lifetime support for all systems, and also labour charges are always free for aftershock owners.


CPU (High Performance Desktops)

NEW Intel 11th Generation CPUs are now avaliable !

For Intel K series intel chips (11600KF, 11700K, 11900KF) or AMD RYZEN 7/9 Processors, please select a high performance cooler (240 AIO Watercooling, or a powerful aircooling option)

Motherboard (Premium Range)

*Note* - Intel Processors need to be paired with Intel Motherboards, and AMD processors with AMD Motherboards.



Thermal Compound is a fluid substance which increases the thermal conductivity of a thermal interface by filling microscopic air-gaps present. It is often used to aid a component's thermal dissipation via a heat sink, thus preventing overheating, as is vital in any high performance system.


AFTERSHOCK PC only utilizes high performance memory from Leading ram brands such as KLEVV, Kingston, Corsair, Apacer and Crucial. B460 motherboards will only operate at a maximum of 2666 or 2933mhz.


AFTERSHOCK offers Various Cooling systems for your CPU. From Air cooled to Water cooling solutions, pick the option that best suits your needs.


 AFTERSHOCK PC offers a range of the best SSDs from both leading brands and leading in-house models utilzing cutting edge storage technologies. Please note that for GEN4 SSDs, a B550, B560, X570 or Z590 motherboard is required.

First Hard Drive (Optimal Series)

AFTERSHOCK PC utilizes Toshiba for mechnical drive options. Toshiba Drives offer great performance and supreme quality, and even our larger 3TB and 4TB drives are rated at 7200rpm for greater speed. Most importantly, Toshiba HDDs are renowned for reliability, a key factor for us when we select any component.


The hard disk drive (HDD) is where you will store all your applications and data. It is a non-volatile, random access device featuring rotating rigid platters on a motor-driven spindle within a protective enclosure. Solid State drives are much faster flash based drives with no moving parts, but are much more expensive.

Case Lighting

LED Internal Case lights to add that beautiful finishing touch to your AFTERSHOCK Gaming Desktop.


Custom Cable sleeves add a premium look and feel to your PC. Every cable is painstakingly hand sleeved to create a beautiful braided effect.

Chassis Undercarriage Lighting

Chassis Fans (Hypergate) more details..

 Every Hypergate comes with two NZXT advanced AER2 fans, allowing for full software rgb lighting output.

GPU Mount Setup

Select How you would like your graphics card to be mounted within your system. Horizontal is the default position with the side of the graphics card facing outwards. For  users who would like a unique look, you can also choose to have your graphics card mounted vertically with a bracket.


Store VR or audio headsets easily with Puck. It’s designed for simple, hassle-free cable management for any of your wired accessories. Split Puck apart for extended cable coverage while powerful magnets make it easy to mount on your PC case or any steel surface.


The power supply unit of a desktop PC supplies power to the components of the system. The PSU is extremely important as it greatly determines the longevity of your system. AFTERSHOCK selects only premium BRANDED power supply units to ensure that your system is both reliable and futureproof. When selecting an RTX 3080 or above, we STRONGLY recommend at least a 750W power supply unit.(Nvidia's official recommendation is 750W and up ONLY)


Wireless Local Area Networking allows devices to communicate within a local home network. Different wireless options feature varying strength, number of connections and wireless types which could affect the speed and reliability of your wireless network connection.


The Operating System (OS) is the core software that manages the computer hardware resources, and provides the graphical user interface and drivers to make use of them. AFTERSHOCK PC is a microsoft named partner, and we work closely with microsoft with only genuine OEM windows licenses. You can be assured your Microsoft licenses are genuine and purchased through authorized local distribution channels. Be wary of: 1) Vendors who do not include the COA with your PC, as they have purchased stolen or unauthorized licenses. 2) Vendors who have windows 10 at +0 cost, or do not allow you to remove the value of the OS from a system build.


Enjoy special discounted bundle prices with top of the line gaming and creative displays with your AFTERSHOCK PC purchase. Exclusive to AFTERSHOCK PC!

Sound System Bundles


AFTERSHOCK PC creates gaming mice with one sole purpose : To offer the best sensor and interface performance possible in a classis mouse design format. Our mice utilize classic ergonimcs that instantly feel comfortable and familiar, while packing top-of-the-line avago sensors and omron switches to ensure you are getting a flagship class esports mousing experience. Zero Prediction, Zero acceleration, Pure Precision.


Precision Mouse Mats

AFTERSHOCK Gaming Mouse mats are designed to offer an excellent balance of both precision and control. The specially designed surface made of micro interwoven fibers delivers consistant motion tracking with modern gaming mice for both comfort , consistancy and accuracy. Braided sides ensure that your SLIVER mousemat will not fray even after intense gaming sessions.


Keyboard Bundles

 Get unbetable bundle prices on award winning keyboards with any aftershock pc purchase!

Exclusive Headset Bundles

 Get exclusive bundle prices on award winning logitech headsets with any AFTERSHOCK PC purchase.

Microsoft Office

The essentials to get it all done. Office Home and Business 2019 is for families and small businesses who want classic Office apps and email. It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook for Windows 10. A one-time purchase installed on 1 PC or Mac for use at home or work.



SGD 1315.00